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Trang chủ - Chililab publication

A Secular Trend in Birth Weight and Delivery Practices in Periurban Vietnam During 2005-2012

The aim of this research is to study secular trends in delivery practice and birth weight in the past decade (2005-2012) in Chi Linh .

Blood Glucose Disorders and Access to Health Care Services Among Adults Aged 30 to 69 Years in Chi Linh, Hai Duong, Vietnam

This study employed a cross-sectional design among population aged 30 to 69 years to measure the burden of type 2 diabetes and gaps in access to health care to explore the negative effects of rapid economic growth and urbanization in Chi Linh in recent years. .

Determinants of Health-Related Quality of Life Among Elderly: Evidence From Chi Linh Town, Vietnam

This article aims to assess health-related quality of life (HRQoL) and its correlates for the elderly, using a cross-sectional study design. .

Prevalence of Smoking and Associated Factors: Evidence From the CHILILAB Demographic Surveillance System in Vietnam

This study analyzed secondary data from Chi Linh Health and Demographic Surveillance System (CHILILAB) database to identify smoking prevalence and associated demographic factors. Data were extracted from the database of the CHILILAB 2016, which included information on individual smoking behaviors, as well as individual and household demographic data.  .

Sex Ratio at Birth in Vietnam: Results From Data in CHILILAB HDSS, 2004 to 2013

This study aimed to explore the association of demographic and socioeconomic characteristics and imbalanced sex ratio at birth (SRB) in Chi Linh district, Hai Duong. .

Prevalence of Self-Treatment Practice and Related Factors Among Workers Aged 15 to 60 Years in Chi Linh Town, Hai Duong Province, Vietnam

This study aims to describe the prevalence of self-treatment and related factors among workers aged 15 to 60 years in the suburban area of Chi Linh, Hai Duong, Vietnam. .

Capacity of Commune Health Stations in Chi Linh District, Hai Duong Province, for Prevention and Control of Noncommunicable Diseases

This study aimed to describe the capacity of commune health stations in Chi Linh district, Hai Duong province for prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs). .

Public Health in Vietnam: Findings From the 2016 Chi Linh Health and Demographic Surveillance System (CHILILAB HDSS)

Industrialization and urbanization have brought about growth in wealth, and an improvement in overall health, including increased life expectancy from 60 years in 1960 to 75 years in 2015. Life expectancy for women in Vietnam is now in excess of 80 years. In Vietnam, the nature of public health problems has changed as it has moved through the epidemiologic transition. The overwhelming burden of acute infectious diseases have been replaced by chronic diseases, including stroke, hypertension, and .