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Trang chủ - Research

Data collection of research “Willingness to pay for a Quality Adjusted Life Year of stage IIIb/IV non-small cell lung cancer patient”

Provide scientific evidence to health policy makers and health insurance providers to evaluate the payment ability of patients with stage IIIb/IV non-small cell lung cancer.   .

Dissemination workshop of the project “Understanding breast cancer services in Vietnam”

Objectives of the dissemination workshop are to share and discuss the key findings of the research with the participants .

Quasi-experimental study on hypertensive patients participating in Ho Chi Minh City Communities for Healthy Hearts (CH2) project

To evaluate the outcomes and impacts of the CH2 project on hypertensive patients in intervened districts     .

Mapping community health care uses geographic information system (GIS) in Quoc Oai district, Hanoi, 2016

Hanoi Medical University (HMU), Ho Chi Minh University of Medicine and Pharmacy (UMP) of Vietnam have been working together with Seoul National University (SNU) from Korea to plan for a 5-year intervention project in both the North and the South.  .

Evidence-Based Approach To The Evaluation And Planning Of Breast Cancer Services In Vietnam

Background: There is limited data related to breast cancer services in Vietnam. Data that has been collected shows that (compared to international data) detection of breast cancer often tends to be late, that the age of diagnosis tends to be young, and that services are limited by resources and capacity. .

Data Repository: develop a database on tobacco control research and evaluation in Vietnam

Objectives: Review and summary findings from researches and evaluations of tobacco control programs in Vietnam; Classify the results of research and evaluation of tobacco control programs in Vietnam according to the World Health Organization (WHO) MPOWER packages; Develop a comprehensive data .

Surveys for Urban Equity (SUE): getting, and using, the data to respond to NCDs in urban areas

Objectives: to identify and test questions on mental health and injuries,  to test cheap and efficient, novel methods to reduce bias in urban surveys iii) explore alternative approaches to defining households, measuring and ranking wealth iv) develop data visualisation tools to support decision-makers’ use of survey data .

Health Impact Assessment – strengthening the evidence base, options and support for increasing tobacco taxes in Vietnam

The project purpose is to strengthen the evidence base, options and support for raising tobacco taxes in Vietnam by assessing the health impacts of three options for tobacco tax policy: current approved increases; a higher increase to achieve national health goals for 2020; and a best practice tax goal that could be reached with incremental increases (70% of retail price as recommended by the World Health Organization).     .