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About us




…:::Welcome to Center for Population Health Sciences (CPHS)!:::…



Center for Population Health Science (CPHS) is a multidisciplinary, integrated training and research center in public health with the cooperation and participation of health experts, researchers and lecturers from Hanoi University of Public Health, different agencies/organizations and international experts.




To become the leading research center in public health sciences in Vietnam and the surrounding region




To conduct high-quality studies that would provide valuable scientific evidence for the work of protecting and promoting public health




  • To provide scientific evidence that is valuable for the development of the health system and the protection of people’s right to health
  • To develop and promote capacity building for health system staff in Vietnam
  • To promote the use of scientific evidence in policy decision-making, management and strategic planning in Vietnam


Key research areas


  • Health economics and health system research
  • Health equity and its related issues
  • Non-communicable diseases and its risk factors, especially tobacco control and prevention


Main activities


  • Research: Implementing multi-disciplinary research on public health with a focus on health systems, health economics, health equity, non-communicable diseases and its risk factors
  • Training: Organizing training courses on research methodology, data analysis, and writing for scientific literature in the field of public health
  • Research publication and disseminationorganize and participate in research publication and dissemination workshops; jointly cooperate to publish reports, scientific papers and policy advocacy publications
  • Partnership: to promote cooperation with both in-country and international partners including Ministry of Health, Hanoi Medical University, VINACOSH, Umea University, WHO, USAID, CDC, IDRC, Rockefeller Foundation, China Medical Board, Healthspace in Asia, etc.


Infrastructure and resource  


  • Staff: 1 Prof, 2 Associate. Profs, 3 PhDs, 10 Masters with speciality in epidemiology, social health and public health.
  • The field laboratory (CHILILAB) is the Longitudinal Health and Demographic Surveillance System established in 2003 in Chi Linh district of Hai Duong province. It is an official member of the INDEPTH network.




Address: Room A508, Hanoi University of Public Health, 1A Duc Thang Road, Duc Thang Ward, North Tu Liem District, Hanoi, Vietnam

Emai: cphs@huph.edu.vn

Phone number: (+84) 462930079

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